Dunfermline Association of Spiritualists and Kindred Spirits, (D.A.S.K.); Registered Scottish Charity No SC035437

 Welcome to Dunfermline Association of Spiritualists and Kindred Spirits, also known as Dunfermline A.S.K. We are a non-denominational organisation, that promotes Spiritualism through Divine Services every Sunday, Demonstrations of Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Private Consultations,(readings), Workshops and also Open Days for the public.



Dunfermline A.S.K. is a Registered Charity in Scotland (SC 035437) and was formed in April 2004, for the purpose of bringing Spiritualism and a wider knowledge of the spirit, to those that wish to further develop their own awareness of their spiritual path or may indeed just be curious. Our founding member, Jock McArthur sadly for us, made his transition back into the world of spirit in February 2012. Jock has made his presence known in many ways for many people around the country and world, leaving no doubt for those that have seen, heard and felt him, that there is indeed a place out of sight and just a breath away that we go to when we shed the physical body. If you receive contact from Jock that you are in no doubt about, please let us know we would be delighted to know. We also saw the passing to spirit of Tilda Wilson in February 2012 and in February 2013, our Treasurer and Founding member, Helen McArthur also passed to spirit side of life.

As we are a non-denominational, we welcome people of any faith or religion to join us for any of the activities provided. Many of our events are held in the Community Centre at Mercer Place, Touch in Dunfermline, http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=KY11_4UG , however we also deliver workshops, events and seminars throughout Fife; Scotland and abroad. As with many Spiritualist Organisations, we have adopted the seven principles of Emma Britten.

You can also see any updates on our page on Fife Direct at http://www.fifedirect.org.uk/orgs/index.cfm?fuseaction=display&orgid=753AC436-B933-5B8C-81BE8613806B51AB




Registered Address: Dunfermline A.S.K., 5 Mowbray House, Main Street, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 8EE

E-mail: secretary@dunfermlineask.co.uk

Mobile - 07866024607



 Sunday Services – We deliver Sunday Services at 6.30pm every Sunday at Touch Community Centre, Mercer Place, Dunfermline, for details of visiting mediums, please see list below. Please note that these dates are correct at time of publishing, however these can change; please look in for updates; or check our advert within the Church Notifications section of the Dunfermline Press.

Classes - We deliver Awareness and Development Classes, both are at 7pm every Thursdays at Touch Community Centre.  

The Awareness Class, tutored by Derek Rough, is for beginners and intermediate level and open to members of the public. You will not be building a house of cards, you will be building a strong foundation, ready to go on to work with your teachers, helpers and inspirers in many forms, blending and developing your own energies and spirit, ready for your onward journey.

 The Development Class, tutored by Kerry McLeod, is for intermediate and advanced levels. Entry to this class is for members and by invitation only, with weekly attendance being a requirement. This class will assist you in building on your awareness of blending with the spirit world, looking to appreciate all that this brings to your life. This class covers all aspects of mediumship, offering you the opportunity to further your development to work with spirit. You will be assisted to find out where your forte lies and encouraged to develop this further. As well as teaching and demonstrating with Dunfermline A.S.K., Kerry also demonstrates her Mediumship and Teaches around the country and abroad.



**Open Day Saturday 26th September 2015**

10am-4pm at Touch Community Centre

Private Sittings - £20 for 1/2 hour. **Limited spaces available** please call Derek on 07866 024607 now to book a reading.

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**All Welcome**


May 2015

17th – Joyce Wells from Falkirk

24th – Steven Burns from Edinburgh

31st – Ricky Martin from Glasgow


June 2015

7th – Gary Robertson from Alloa

14th – Marion Boy from Edinburgh

21st – Joyce Campbell from Edinburgh



July 2015

5th – Robert Adamson from Grangemouth

12th – Margaret Ratteray from Perth

19th – Pauline Cook from Crossgates

26th – Linda Buchan from Stirling


August 2015

2nd – Martin Gilbert from Falkirk

9th – Rodger Stratton from Cupar

16th – Alison Reid from Livingston

23rd - Jacqueline McConachie from Ayr

30th – Kerry McLeod from Dunfermline


September 2015

6th – Andrew Lindsay from Falkirk

13th – Lorna Irvine from Ayr

20th – Tom Johnson from Beath

27th – Lorna Jones from Edinburgh


October 2015

4th – Alice McCalum from Kirkcaldy

11th – Margaret Ratteray from Perth

18th – Alison Cobb from Ayr

25th – Marion Boy from Edinburgh


November 2015

1st – Paula Roe/Elizabeth McGovern from Portobello

8th – Joyce Wells from Falkirk

15th – Richard Stibbles from Perth

22nd – Ruth Thomson from Glenrothes

29th – Pauline Cook from Crossgates


December 2015

6th – Cally Forbes from Kinghorn

13th – Rodger Stratton from Cupar

16th – Alison Reid from Livingston





For visiting mediums and the public, if you have any queries please call Liz Bain on 07866024607.




Dunfermline A.S.K. has a dedicated healing team. Healing is provided after the Divine Sunday Service and also after the Thursday Classes from 7.45pm, (however Thursday healing is by appointment only).



Teresa Hughes - Approved Healer and Group Leader

Liz Bain - Approved Healer

June Stein - Approved Healer

Derek Rough - Approved Healer

Hazel Dorey – Approved Healer

Kerry McLeod – Trainee Healer

Paula Skelton - Trainee Healer


Kerry McLeod - Chairperson / Tutor / Medium

June Stein - Vice Chairperson / Treasurer/ Approved Healer

Jim McArthur – General Secretary

Paula Skelton - Administration Secretary

Liz Bain - Booking Secretary / Approved Healer

Derek Rough - Tutor / Shop Manager / Approved Healer

Teresa Hughes – Healing Leader / Membership Secretary

Hazel Dorey - Catering Secretary / Approved Healer

Helen McArthur - Co-Founding Member/ Director in Spirit

Jock McArthur - Founding Member / Director in Spirit

Founder Lord John J. McArthur  Lord of Glencoe





Most people think that a psychic is also a medium or vice versa. However, these two terms are very different from one another. If you want to get the services of a psychic or a medium, you have to know their different capabilities in order to get accurate insights into the spiritual world.

A medium will always have psychic abilities, however psychics will not always be able to work mediumistically.

A psychic can link only with the energies of another physical person, (i.e. someone termed as ‘living’), a medium can link with the energies of another physical, (psychic), but can also directly communicate with the energies of someone who has passed over into spirit side of life. This latter ability cannot be performed by someone working purely on a psychic level.


A medium serves as a channel between the physical world and the world of the non-physical, the sole purpose of this exchange is to prove survival, give spiritual healing and give hope to the bereaved, this is beyond the abilities of any psychic.

On the other hand, a psychic might foretell the future by using several ways. For example, a psychic might provide insights for you concerning relationships, career, money, or love by reading your own aura or energy.

A medium can foresee these things or future events, however will not normally pass it on to a recipient, except on very general terms, as it is not the Medium or the spirit world’s job to direct a recipient’s life in any way shape or form.

A medium communicates messages from spirit people and passes these onto you, the sitter. In contrast, a psychic will read your aura and may tell you information that could influence your future. This means that a psychic will interacts with you the sitter and not your loved ones in the unseen world known as the spirit world.

A psychic and a medium are different from each other in that a psychic reads your aura and may interpret this to foretell your future while a medium works with the spirit world to prove continuation of life after what is known as physical death.