Due to the corona virus pandemic, Dunfermline ASK has suspended all services until further notice.


We are clear that we must not withdraw from the communities that we serve and the sharing of spiritual truths and therefore we will become a different sort of church in these coming months.

Dunfermline ASK asks that you join us in the coming months for more online services and training.


There is much more information on our Facebook Page, please find us and visit us there.


For now, allow yourself to be the bringer of light and joy to others in which ever way you can, look after those around you and stay in touch.  

We would like to ask that if you become aware of someone that is unwell, please let us know and we will send healing to them.  You can let us know by e-mail at ,  by Facebook Messaging us or by calling us on 07866024607  or  07825599307.

If you have the awful situation that you have lost a loved one to the Spirit World and wish for them to have a Spiritualist Funeral, then we are still providing these,  please feel free to get in touch.

For now our thoughts and prayers are with you all, we are one large family lets never forget that.  Sending our thoughts and prayers out to you all, thank you for being part of our Dunfermline ASK family.