Whilst Dunfermline ASK is closed, we do not wish you to lose out on access to healing.


With this in mind, please contact us if you wish us to sending healing to yourself or your friends and loved ones.


You can e-mail us at:  secretary@dunfermlineask.co.uk, private message us on Facebook or call us on 07866024607 or 07825599307


All Spiritual Healing is confidential. 

There is no charge for healing, but donations are gratefully received.

A Spiritual healer is used to channel the healing energy from spirit. In most cases the recipient

will great comfort, upliftment and ease of pain/condition.

Dunfermline ASK has a dedicated Approved Healing Team;

Kerry McLeod - Chairperson / Tutor / Medium

Teresa Hughes – Approved Healer

June Stein - Approved Healer / Vice Chairperson

Paula Skelton - Approved Healer/ Vice Chairperson

Liz Bain -  Approved Healer

Derek Rough -  Approved Healer / Healing Leader

Healing is available:

Sunday during the Divine Service, Sunday after the Divine Service, and Thursday after classes by appointment only.